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Found 4 results

  1. So I have been on the server for a month now and have had so much trouble trying to buy what i need from spawn or from other players and here's why: 1- Item not available at spawn shop or market. 2- Players online don't have it and/or are not cooperating. 3- After finding that person who has the item, he's never sure of how much to money to ask for, and neither am i sure how much to pay. Therefore, I believe some fixes can be made to maintain an ongoing economy, and make sure the money is holding its worth, that is: 1- Have an excel sheet (which I'm willing to provide a template for) listing all the prices for the most sold/demanded items on the server. 2- Have a huge shop land with a designated warp ( /warp shops), where players can buy plots (small, medium, or large plot) and build their own shops. These shops will auto-refill eliminating the need to constantly restock the market. And this of course will keep late game players around for a while because they want to see their shops flourish. If this was accomplished it will definitely boost the server's performance, as: 1- People will want to buy more money, ranks, etc. since its worth is predetermined by the excel sheet. 2- Even if no on is online, you'll still be able to buy what you need. I mean, its only fair that you always find a source to buy ie. titanium early in the game. Regardless how many players are online. 3- Late game players will be forced to stay around because now they have an obligation, they are providing for the server! 4- New comers are always more likely to stay around when they know they have that resource security. Really hope this gets implemented. SuB_ZoiD
  2. Your Name: StevenArchitect Claim Leaders Name: A_Juicy_Plum Coordinates of claim xyz : 2720 64 -4880 Claim members: A_Juicy_Plum , piervdm Reason for request: its near my base and i want to expand Screenshot of town members activity: piervdm last seen 92 days ago and A_Juicy_Plum last seen 108 days ago ( it doesnt let me to upload a screenshot )
  3. Your Name: StevenArchitectItem Name + ID + Amount: energy bridge 6647 4x mj energy producer 6654 4x rf energy consumer 6653 4x hardened fluxduct 5892/1 13x ender tank 5458/1 2x hardened fluiduct 5893/2 10x magmatic dynamo 5747/1 10x resonant conversion kit 5489/35 10x resonant filter 5898/4 6x resonant servo 5897/4 12x itemducts 5894/0 120x barrel 7230 42x extra dimensional storage 7235 42x item barrel connector 7231 2x void chest 5432 2x quarry 7282 4x crystal shulker box 6982/5 (one red and one light blue) land mark 7257 8xCoordinates: Description of Issue: aromas dimension reset i dont have evidence of the items as it was my quarry setup and i didnt anticipate losing it. there was no warning that the world was going to be reset
  4. Our FTB Ultimate Reloaded server got updated tp modpack version 1.8.0! 46 mod updated and other fixes. Changes: Updated 46 mods. Updated forge version. Updated all configs and scripts. Official Change log: Your ultimate base! ulr.craftersland.net
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