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Found 114 results

  1. Hi guys, today we had a major forum update from IPB 4.3.6 to 4.4.0. This new Forum version has a lot of improvements and tweaks, for a detailed list of changes check below: This forum updated also required a Theme update, changes to the theme are here: That's it for now! Enjoy!
  2. Source: xisumavoid´╗┐ Official change log
  3. Time for server update to modpack version 1.6.0! This was a big update, 94 mods got updated, configs, forge and scripts. Mainly these are fixes. Changes: Updated 94 mods and configs. Updated forge. Updated sponge core mod. Updated sponge plugins: nucleus, griefprevention and lukyperms. Updated dynmap mod. Updated modpack on our launcher with latest optifine and vanilafix mods for improved performance. The updated is also available on our launcher with latest optifine and vanilafix mods as optional. You can get the launcher here for improved performance: Official change log: Modded Experts! cont.craftersland.net
  4. Time for another FTB Revelation modpack update! Not a small one, 75 mods updated, configs, forge and scripts. But we also updated the core mod sponge, dynmap mod and 4 sponge plugins, griefprevention, nucleus, lukyperms and worldedit. Changes: Modpack update to version 2.7.0. Updated 75 mods and configs. Updated scripts. Updated forge. Updated sponge. Updated dynmap mod. Updated 4 sponge plugins: griefprevention, nucleus, lukyperms and worldedit. The updated is also available on our launcher with latest optifine and vanilafix mods as optional. You can get the launcher here for improved performance: Official change log: Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  5. So SkyFactory 3 server was first opened 1 year ago and last major update in March, so because of that we did a small update, that targeted the Players Market and add the same plugin we use on 1.12.2 servers ported for 1.10.2. If you had some items in the old market and lost them please post a refund request. Thanks. This new players market has a GUI to view market listings and works in a similar was as the plugin we use on SkyFactory2.5 server. Enjoy! Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  6. Time for another large mospack update! No new mods or removed but updated 84, so there should be lot's of fixes and new stuff. The new modpack update is also available on our launcher! Update changes: Updated 84 mods, including configs and patches.´╗┐ Updated scripts. Updated Perms and Nucleus plugins. Official change log: Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  7. Hi guys, time for an update! Mainly improvements and few new stuff like crate rewards. Changes! Updated Spigot 1.13.2 API to latest build. Updated Anti-Cheat plugin to latest version. Added crate key vault at spawn. Added crate rewards at spawn. Fixed exit signs not working. Fixed broken dungeons, missing rewards, broken parkours, missing exit signs or command blocks not working. Added better guns to all loot tables, from common to epic. Added black market trader in main town, it's up to you to discover him. Some design tweaks and updates with new blocks in main town, just added details. Implemented back flip ability, left click when on block edge. Implemented support for Anti-cheat when using abilities to prevent false positives and player glitches. More coming soon, stay tuned! Become a master Assassin! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us´╗┐
  8. Closing down the old AssassinS server and releasing the new 1.13.2 AssassinS server finally allows us infrastructure changes! We updated our Network proxy servers to latest builds and fully updated our lobby servers to 1.13.2 to avoid any compatibility issues when joining with multiple versions. This proxy and lobby changes means we can also improve our login system so that the network is premium but our cracked player base can still join via passwords. The proxy servers will sort out new players into premium and non-premium and ask for passwords on the lobby for non-premium players, this also improve premium accounts security as once marked as premium no cracked player can join with their name and they are forced to login with mojang servers. This means that when a new player joins if he is cracked the proxy will send the login info to mojang servers, if that fails the player will get a invalid session disconnect and if he re-joins again within 20 seconds from the first attempt he will be registered as cracked allowing him to join and register a password on our login system. This is a big change because this means you can join as premium or cracked no matter what server address you use to connect, mc.craftersland.net, play.craftersland.eu or play.craftersland.us . On the lobby 1.13.2 update we had to re-code some stuff and do some important changes but we tried to keep some features. The plugin EchoPet was removed as it is no longer being developed and expanded our MiniutrePets plugin with allot more pets to choose from. Another big change is the permission system, as we update to 1.13.2 we need to move on from PEX to LukyPerms as it if the best permission plugin. So all existing ranks will need to be re-activated. With this being said you can only join network now with minecraft 1.13.2, the proxy servers will notify you so if you join with another version. All buycraft packages are also updated so staff can re-activate ranks, the new login system allows staff to easy reset passwords and future updates will be easier. Note, if you had a password registered as cracked and you joined as premium the new login system will force you as cracked and you will need to login, in order to become premium again we will have to unregister your password as now you can't join as premium and cracked all accounts that had a password set in the database will be forced to login if not unregistered. More coming soon! Thanks for support.
  9. Our Network is fully 1.13.2 Compatible! All our mini-games and we did a full 1.13.2 update on Creative, Hiipo, Pure and SkyBlock survival servers. This update only brigs fixes and performance optimizations. If you want to know what was changed in this update check the video below: Official Change log: Next we will do a full AssassinS update, stay tuned!
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