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Found 12 results

  1. Pure Survival is now running on the latest Minecraft version and you can enjoy all new mobs, blocks and game features, The Nether Update is here! WIPE was needed to do this update so everybody starts fresh with new map seeds! Check what was added and changed in Minecraft 1.17 here: Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.17.1 Full data WIPE except for ranks. Generated new map seeds Updated all plugins Updated configs where needed. Download the old map: Nether Update Update is now available on our Network! Join Pure Survival and try to survive. mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  2. Regular players of our vanilla Network servers can understand the importance of keeping things fresh with new areas to explore, buildings, parkours, dungeons, as well as entire cities. And so do we. But let me tell you, it’s hard work. Especially when it comes to Assassin's Craft (our Assassin's Creed-themed server), it's all about that beautiful custom map. Always staying ahead of the game with unique constructions and intricate mechanisms to go along with them is what allows us to create an amazing experience for all of our players who keep coming back for more. As the community grows, so does our demand for capable individuals who can help us drive our standards even higher. This time around, we're looking for talented builders to join our team. As a Builder, you'll get the chance to show people your skills and learn new tricks by collaborating with some of our most experienced team members. The most exciting part? You'll have the unique opportunity to put your own spin on upcoming projects across the vanilla Network and get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at all the exciting things we're working on and can’t wait to share with the community. Requirements You can submit your application here. It's generally a good idea for you to show us as much of your work as possible. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. If you’re accepted, you’ll be notified via forum PM and the official CL Discord server. Good luck!
  3. Dear Community; I have received many petitions for changing certain elements from the McMOO shop. In this case, I am talking about Ocelots in the market. As you may know ocelots since 1.14 cannot be tamed anymore. That is why many members of the server are asking to change the shopsign of ocelots to Cats
  4. Here you can download on the old Vanilla Network Creative plots world. Old Map Download *The download link will be available for 30 days.
  5. Due to some issues with the database of the Players Market on AssassinS Craft server, we need to do a database reset for the market, this will remove all existing listings. Please do not add more listings on the market and cancel any existing listings you may already have so you do not lose the items. The Market WIPE will take place Monday 27 April. Thanks!
  6. Our Network Creative server is now fully updated to Minecraft 1.15.2! Enjoy all the new blocks to build epic stuff! A full server WIPE was required for this big update. Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.15.2 Full data WIPE except for ranks. Updated all plugins for 1.15.2 Updated configs where needed. Just build on our Creative Server! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  7. View what's new in 1.15 Update here: View what's new in 1.15.2 Update here: All our Network servers are now 1.15.2 compatible, SkyBlock, AssassinS and Pure survival are fully updated to spigot 1.15.2 including live maps and latest anti-cheat. Server address: mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.us play.craftersland.us
  8. Our AssassinS Craft Network vanilla server is now fully updated to spigot 1.15.1! Changes: Updated to spigot 1.15.1 API Updated all plugins for 1.15.1 API Fixes to AssassinS Mask skin and display name. Check what's new in Minecraft Buzzy Bees Update here: Become a master Assassin! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  9. View what's new in 1.15 Update here: View what's new in 1.15.1 Update here: Our Minecraft Vanilla Network is now 1.15.1 compatible, means you can join with 1.14.4. and 1.15.1. This is not a full 1.15 update yet, full update will come in later as we finish updating all our plugins. Stay tuned! Server address: mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.us play.craftersland.us
  10. Hi guys, Time for a Capture the Wool game update on our Vanilla Network! We did a full lobby and game server 1.14.3 update, added new a new lobby and a new CTW Map called Empire built by our old builder abisredbull Thanks to staff members that helped on this update, map builders, sponsors and to all community members. Changes: Updated all lobby and game servers plugins for 1.14.3 api. Updated CTW plugin for 1.14.3. Updated all maps for 1.14.3, most importantly spawners because they had data structure changes. Added a new map called Empire. Added a new anti-cheat system. Added LukyPerms plugin and removed PEX Now, time for some new Empire Map pictures! New CTW lobby: Go capture those wools!
  11. As Minecraft 1.14.4 was released, our Network is now 1.14.4 compatible, find out more about changes in this update here: All our servers are 1.14.4 compatible and Pure Survival and Capture the Wool are now fully updated to 1.14.4! Server address: mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.us play.craftersland.us
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