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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, First of all thanks for you attention. Name: BabelUno_Server Name : AC Time/Date : 01/06/2020 - Hour UnknownDescription of Issue : I made a rank transfer and at that moment I lost my permissions to see on dark of Glaskerville. Screenshots (Optional): Link 1 : https://imgur.com/trfLcdl / Link 2 : https://imgur.com/6d7jzG I would also like to add my VIP tag in the forum. Last but not least I'd like to know why the command : /afk can be used at the others game modes but not on [AC] modality.
  2. Afternoon, Just a quick one related to VIP status. Does VIP increase the number of claims you can have? as in, can you claim more blocks if you have VIP compared to a free-to-play player? If so, Since i got my VIP moved to the 1.12.2 server, I haven't been able to claim anymore blocks since before the move. The server I was on before 1.7.10, when i bought VIP i was able to claim more chunks than before. Thanks in advance, GENER_AL
  3. In game name:Trixx305 Proof of Purchase: Transaction ID: 38D07822EL4295240 Description of Issue: I bought a rank and a name tag at the same time and I suspect that my rank was overwritten by the name tag as I can only see [Expert] Trixx305 while other ppl have their rank before their name tag eg: [S+] [Expert] Trixx305 Date/Time of Purchase: Feb 26, 2018 07:24:37 PST Items/Rank Bought: RANK: Sponsor+ Item: Name tag: Expert Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: None at the moment
  4. Hey guys i just readed on discord i have to post screenshot for adding me a VIP role on discord so here it is. And wanted to ask if there are VIP badges on forum too. Thanks.
  5. Hello, after discussion with a high staff member I came to realize that a reactivation of all my purchases is possible. the things I bought were vip rank, premium rank, some claims for my town. also I have posted a review on one of the forums and am wondering if I can get that money again. the server is infinity evolved, thanks! (would gladly receive all of my bought stuff back, and seeing as I first purchaser the vip rank, then all the bonuses of items and money from both ranks)
  6. Greetings, I have bought a VIP status to mainly help the server yesterday (10/12/2017) but, unfortunately I haven't received the "VIP" status yet nor have i received any of the perks mentioned. It's been well over 12 hours as opposed to the suggested 5 - 10 minutes wait and I am getting worried that I might not receive anything in return. My in-game name is "OniPanda" I hope this gave enough information for a mod to come back to me about this problem. Should you require more information or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly on the forum or email connected to this account. Yours Sincerely, OniPanda.
  7. Hi. I was VIP before wipe, may I get my claimblocks and cash from donating back? Thank you BrolyHD
  8. Hello, I bought mi premium rank and I was supposed to get 3 Legendary Crate Keys. 6 Vote Crate Keys. $4000 in-game money. 40 XP levels. But I didn't recive them So, could I have them now, please?
  9. Hey there, I'm asking if i can get promoted on Discord to "VIP", Since im Premium on "DireWolf20", In-GameName: deathscrean : Nicked as: Kakashi Nicked as "Kakashi" on the Discord aswell PS. Didnt know where to make the Topic about this, Thats why its here. Second question: Is there a way like to get a rank on the forum like "Vip" or "premium" or anything like that? With Love from -Kakashi ShadowBlade#7841
  10. queria saber si siendo un usuario que no tiene mincraft premiun ¿puedo comprar el vip premiun de ctw? wanted to know if being a user who does not have minecraft premium I can buy the vip premium CTW?
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