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Found 7 results

  1. [unban] Suchson

    [1] In-Game Username: Suchson [2] Ban Category: Macros? What macros? [3] Ban Category: MACROS - PS [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: KayWolves [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: I don't know what I have to write here, really... I don't use any macros, and for what? For brewing? For enchanting? Or maybe for FISHING?! Doh...
  2. [unban] Suchson

    [1] In-Game Username: Suchson [2] Ban Category: No response for annoying questions - gets ban, yeah. [3] Ban Category: hacks-PS (?) [4] Ban Duration: 5 days [5] Staff Member: Zyko [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: My reason? Why do I have to explain to every staff member, how I play? This is getting annoying, that staff comes to server once per month and everyone interrogates you over and over again. That's why I ingored those questions, and got banned with describe "hacks-PS" btw I don't know what's mean PS here.
  3. A few minutes ago I've got problem with 2players that they tried to breat to my house in creative mode. They dug a hole under my house and tried to get to me. Their nicknames are: yoloboyz and xEpiChick3nx and both of them were in Creavtive mode, some time later they come again with Invisibility Potions and they tried dig even longer. Why Creative mode is available on Survival?
  4. Creative mode abuse.

    Im here today, because I experienced 3situations, one yesterday, and one today both refer to players that were in Creative mode. So... First situaction: Yesterday my teammate Ludwiczek was on the hunt for the players, everything went great until he killed player GamingProduction. When that player was killed, yoloboyz came to them and he start to attack Ludwiczek. Of course this is nothing illegal, but yoloboyz could be not damaged. Why? Because he was in Creative mode. Yoloboyz killed Ludwiczek and took whole stuff from Ludwiczek. Second situation: A player with a nickname Fire_Light was on my territory. He broke blocks on my Land Protection and even same Land protection, then he started to rebuild what he destroyed, but he didn't do that good. Third situation: While I was writing this post, two players came to my house: xTayxon and Tire_Light AGAIN. and he AGAIN destroyed blocks on my territory. Later they both opened the boxes inside my protected home. And so, I demand to give back my friend's equipment, from yoloboyz in first situation, and take some of the privileges from xTayxon and FIre_Light in second and third situation.
  5. Today all my goods on this server were deleted, every enchanted armor, weapon and tool is erased even the 6chests which was a container for these items. I enchanted every of this item with Ludwiczek, and now we demand to get back our stuff. And, I want to get back my 6signs, 8chests and 4trapped chests too!
  6. Server: Pure Survival I was always connecting to server via mc.craftersland.net IP. because I have not seen my premium skin I asked for the help players on server. Today I learned that if I connect to the server via play.craftersland.eu IP then I will see my a skin. I did so, and I see my skin finally, but at the same time I cleaned my skills and abilities in the McMMO plugin. I tried back to connecting through the old IP this did not help. I still do not have my skills, but I have equipment still on me. What can I do now to get back my levels, skills and abilities?
  7. [Unban Request) (Ludwiczek)

    [1] In-Game Username: Ludwiczek [2] Details of Situation: My friend got banned while he was listening and chillin' to his favourite music and at the same time fishing on the server. Stuff must have assumed that he somehow "spawned" item that is not obtainable on the server when he simply looted it out of the water (very high lvl fishing skill in mcmmo). [3] Ban Category: Illegal Enchantments [Pure] [4] Ban Duration: 4days [5] Staff Member: ItsIsma29R [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: My friend shouldn't got this ban, because all enchanted stuff is earned in legal way. When you'll be skilled enough in fishing, you can catch from a pond uncommon intems with enchantments unobtainable on enchanting table. So why staff considered it as illegal enchantments?