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Found 6 results

  1. Zepo123 W/E Back Requst

    [1] In-Game Username: Zepo123 [2] Details of Situation: I was asked by the owner of an area to clear out an area but a visitor got angry of me doing it and reported me and I am now unbanned but have lost W/E [3] Ban Category: loss of W/E [4] Ban Duration: forever [5] Staff Member: Unknown [6] ScreenShots: Don't have any [7] Your Reason: I think the owner of the area gets the decision not a visitor
  2. Command Request

    Can I request World Edit, the removal of the tp timer, and /time set? @brunyman Zhenphos (Sponsor) (Power told me to reopen a new thread)
  3. Permission request

    Hi i donated to day because I love the server and really want that is running a long long time XD so i spend some money to get the sponsor+ rang and i see that i can ask for special permissions so id love to get the permissions for world edit like //copy,//paste,//rotate,//flip,//cyl,//hcyl and //set would be great to use that commands to make my base, even more epic^^ Greetings your friendly dragon Ancient_Wyvern
  4. Already a couple of weeks passed for PowerWarp to decide if I am going to transfer the world edit command from victoraf33 to sasuke0711, the account is used by the same user always Victor and Cristobal. PowerWarp told me to do a post on the topic of transferring the plugin commands in 2 weeks, Well here's the post Content Images for why I made this post: https://postimg.org/gallery/1qlo94rog/ @PowerWarp
  5. Recently the transfer of sponsor range from victoraf33 to sasuke0711, but also in the post where I request the transfer also ask the transfer of world edit to the account of sasuke0711. Since the world edit @PowerWarp
  6. Sponsor command request

    Hi, I'm doing this post again because I didn't get any response from Powerwarp or brunyman in more than one month. So, some days ago I saw that an sponsor asked for /tp and WE commands and he got both of them, in the other command request I just asked for WE because I thought that ask fore more than one command was like abuse of requesting, could be possible if I can get both of them too? A greeting! PS: quagma and Timur recommended me to use Schematica, it's good but I want insa builds. @brunyman [Pure survival]