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Found 11 results

  1. Account Name: deathwish01bRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World EditReason for Request*: Building my town up for my local community.
  2. IGN: LoKeXd Rank: Sponsor+ Command Wanted: All world edit commands
  3. Wrong server forum- SORRY! Account Name: ShparkiRank: Premium+ (please see reason before deciding based on rank- Thanks!)Requested Commands: - worldedit.* (or more specifically: - worldedit.biome.* - worldedit.clipboard.* - worldedit.schematic.* - worldedit.help - worldedit.fast - worldedit.global-mask - worledit.generation.* - worldedit.history.* - worldedit.navigation.* - worldedit.region.* - worldedit.selection.* - worldedit.wand and worldedit.wand.* - worledit.tool.* - worldedit.brush.* - worldedit.fixlava - worldedit.fixwater - worledit.fill - worldedit.drain ) Reason for Request: Although I love playing through Modded Minecraft in survival, building is and always has been my creative outlet. Since I have joined the server, I have taken this to the extreme building homes and bases for other players and even working through one of my largest builds to date for a Helper on the server. To aide in this, I would love access to worldedit commands, or more specifically, those pertinent to allow my building skills to be used to their fullest potential. I have used WorldEdit (and WorldGuard) in addition to other similar tools (like VoxelSniper) for years (since Craftbukkit!) and I have a great understanding of their limitations when it comes to server lag and capabilities in addition to good knowledge of their commands and intended usage. I have included some images of my builds (all done by hand up to this point) on the server in this request to give some good background to my skills. I hope to continue building for players and for this community and would love to take my skills to the next level on a public server! Just as a comment, I understand that I am not Sponsor, albeit Premium+. I humbly ask for an exception for the Sponsor+ rule because I have donated but do not yet have the spending cash to upgrade to Sponsor+. I do intend to donate again in the future but I am not in a position to pay for Sponsor+ all at once at the moment. In the meantime, I would love to continue making some large builds with the aide of worldedit commands and would be incredibly open to working through a deal with admins for server-related builds to make-up for the difference in rank. Again, thank you for the consideration, hope to hear back soon! - Shparki Example Builds: [Imgur link]
  4. Account Name: JojoosingaRank: SponsorRequested Commands: //wand and worldeditReason for Request: we are building a base and it need a lot of work greetings jojoosinga
  5. Hello. I am starting a redstone creation project to help make the server more entertaining. However, I was wondering if the staff can use worldedit to save data of buildings and transfer them from server to server, because if the creation is not transferred between servers, it would take a long time to recreate it normally. If enough people enjoy my creation, I ask that it be kept by the staff (even if it's just a template for other games) to use in the tekkit server that comes after the wipe. Thank you, Eanvohn1
  6. Account Name: SoundsOfMadness Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: World Edit Reason for Request*: I am requesting World Edit because it will help me in building my bases and help clear up some of the annoyances of building underground. Such as oil destroying my torches and rails.
  7. sry for disturbing again but I need Worldedit on this server so i can build faster. hope that is possible. Ign: Ancient_Wyvern
  8. hello guys please retract my permission for Gamemode creative. it ruins my game fun and I'm too weak to withstand the usage. and by the way, I get my sponsor plus to this server and I really want world edit permissions. so I can build fancy islands hope that is possible IGN: Ancient_Wyvern
  9. This is NOT funny! (It must be thomason!) Name: Marvin907 (x:-12600\\z:-4080)
  10. Hello guys, I build some epic locking fantasy thorns for my town but I have build them in singleplayer and would like to see them on the server. I make schematics from the thorns and put them in a zip data. can you guys please upload them to the server? those are only made in vanilla Minecraft and there no valuables hidden inside. Ancient_Wyvern Thorns.rar
  11. Hi, it has been a while since my last command request. So I want to ask for World edit command in Pure Survival, I think you know that I won't abuse of the command, I'm just asking for it because I like building and if I need to build a big structure, or something bigger, it takes to much time. A greeting!
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