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Found 8 results

  1. Name:Chris IGN:WWWWWWWWWWWWWAX Age:27 Crafter's Land Servers you play:infinity Location:florida A short description of yourself:small youtuber have over 5k subs youtube.com/rdmustangx1 love games in general Hobbies and interests:youtube,fishing, miami dolphins Discord / Skype Name:i have learned the hard way to not have a skype
  2. This is the Teaser video for my new series on YouTube, it's called Tekkit Archives because, as we all know, this pack is well over 3 years old now. This pack will always have that place in my heart, because it just has that playability that you don't see alot these days. It's alot different in the newer modpacks, but tekkit is a pack where you can just jump in and get started. The series will start when the server wipes, so be sure to tune in! If you want to get notified when it comes out, subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon! Thanks, Fisher.
  3. Hello!... First a pleasure. My name is Cesar Daniel Yanes, I have 15 years. I am from Caracas, Venezuela. My account on the server is MegaCesarDude. The reason for writing this message is to consult regarding the requirements for obtaining the title "YT"(YouTube) in CrafterLands. (I'm Premium and I have a YouTube channel with 2k subs). Regards!. I wait for answers. My channel is: www.youtube.com/user/MegaCesarDude
  4. CLICK HERE To see the channel Hello there my names Richard but online I go by Twizted_Twizlerz I am a youtuber I do minecraft and call of duty videos and am soon going to get into more games I have a lot planned this summer and i am willing to do 2 videos a month for the server I am not looking for any special type of commands or permissions I just want the youtuber tag anything else it's up to you if you give me it i hope you will have me on your team I heard from one of the managers that you have to have Videos for the server that get 500+ views each one 2 videos a month 1k subscribers i have 957 but my channel grows a lot and I'm almost there
  5. Hi I was just wondering if I could get the youtube rank my channels name is nat10012 sorry for posting this in the server comments at first. I currently have 211 subscribers and I was wanting it for the Tekkit server btw. oh and I have played this server for over a year so yea. #craftersland for life
  6. Pleas ranked me in the ts3 Nick: Ernestolol981 Rank: Sponsor
  7. Hola Dan rango YouTuber? Cuales son los requisitos para obtener rango en caso de que den? Mi Canal cumple algun requisitos? Mi canal -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCcGPH57a2zFMFhj6w9euaw Me pueden contactar en skype -> NickProHacker12
  8. Hello minecrafters, this is a monthly event, at the beginning of every month we will reward videos recorded on craftersland that have 100+ views! Your video must have: The video must be recorded on one of our servers and uploaded during this month. The video title should have somewhere: on CraftersLand. Place in the video description: (if you recorded on tekkit, skyfactory of ftb, replace the server address with the address of the server you recorded on) Server address: - EU: play.craftersland.eu - US: play.craftersland.us - Non-Premium: mc.craftersland.net Website address: www.craftersland.net Forum address: forum.craftersland.net 4. Get 100+ views to get rewards. If you get 1000+ you will get YouTuber on all Network Servers. Post the video here and don't forget to tell us your ingame name! Notes: Video can be recorded in any language, your target is to get 100+ views. The rewards are given at the beginning of every month sometime in the first week. As rewards you can get Ranks (YouTuber, VIP, Premium), Crafts and perks. Also the perks are given on the server you record the video. But you can record more videos, not just one. Start recording us, post the video here, get 100+ views and at the beginning of every month you will get a reward
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