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[Crafter'slands] Skywars Esp


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Hay un bug que algunos jugadores usan o almenos eso he oido, que consiste que al caerse vuelven arriba invulnerables unos segundos, y eso es una gran ventaja para ellos y una gran desventaja para aquellos que juegan limpio sin aprovecharse de un bug que te libra de una muerte.

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Hi DrLoki!

For more than research on how to fix the bug and find a solution, it is impossible .. Since it is an internal bug according to the Launcher and read and heard. What is not is whether it is reportable or not .. Since it is not taking advantage of a bug server .. But the Launcher itself :/


P.D: If you open a thread of these, try to put English text or the translation of both languages to understand.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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