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Error Nether


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Probably yes. There is indeed something wrong with the current plugin. You can start by doing /ps take while inside your protection field and replacing the sponge (/ps take will remove the block from its place into your inventory); do this several times, it may work, it may not.


Now, just for you to see, you can do /ps disable (which will disable your protection field, but not remove the sponge carrying the data) and try then to enter the nether; it will surely work. Same as re-building the portal outside your protection. Basically, the plugin has some stupid flags and permissions that prevent going to nether.

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So you're not talking about Pure Survival (from the Network) server?


"/PS" stands for "Precious Stones" and it's the main command for the plugin used to protect fields in that server; the commands listed above are used to customize it.

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