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I Dont Think I Can Ask This ...


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I wouldn't really ask about the requirements of making your own server on the forums of a server you play on :D

My two cents worth though is there's a lot more to it than just how much RAM you have. Infact servers use a specific type of ram (ECC RAM) much different than what a home pc uses (SDRAM) and ontop of that they have much different processors also.

The best way would to make a dedicated server pc from the correct components which is gunna cost, then a server based operating system will cost you, ontop of that your taking a risk of letting others connect to this server, and you'll need decent internet for communications.

To put the cost into perspective for you, my Grandfather owns and operates an accounting firm. His server cost over $5,000 and the Windows Server 2008 OS requires a license to be purchased and I believe that license isn't a forever license either.

Ontop of those costs things do endup needing replacement mainly Hard Drives because on a server the Hard Drive is running so much, This also requires you to have your hard drives backed up meaning your hard drive costs doubles, 1 main drive and 1 that has the data of the main drive backed up.

I run a monstrous pc I have over $3,000 into it and its great as a home PC. However I wouldn't use it as a server machine like I said servers have special RAM and processors they are made specifically for those tasks just as my home PC has RAM and processor made for my tasks.

That's not to say I couldn't play minecraft with a few friends, maybe myself and 2-3 others on a world but its really not ideal and I wouldn't let more than 2-3 people connect to me.

These reasons are because my RAM is SDRAM not ECC RAM as a server would have, and although I have an 8core CPU and a 16MB cache, a server's CPU go up to a 32MB cache and 16cores, While having massive amounts of RAM also, usually 32GB of RAM and fyi ECC server ram is more expensive than SDRAM.

These are reasons why your home PC is not an idea Server machine regardless of its specs.

Playing on someone elses server is looking a lot better now isn't it? Server machines are costly and require maintenance, Craftersland employs other peoples server which are in "Server Farms" for these reasons.

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