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Ok seems like you don't answer properly to brunyman questions... do you want or not to get fixed? then answer properly... Answer the following questions:

1. Did you used a premium launcher or a cracked one to enter the server?

2. Are you sure you made a password on the new account on the premium only servers?

3. When was the last time you entered the server?

Brunyman says you didn't have entered a password yet on the new acoucount. so you sure thats the right ip?

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The account is registered from the ip no premium.

A server user you guessed the password and gained access to it via non-premium.

Now the account is premium but if you go from a launcher no premium, with the same nick and accessed from the ip no premium. They have access, since that has been registered to! So I am asking to restart the password.


The official account boy speaks Spanish. Which comes into its own does not speak Spanish but speaks English and another language I could not tell. So you're asking for help so they would not remove items ACV1.



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Ismael18L I'm sorry but don't expect the staff to understand that message... I don't think we have Spanish staff and I don't understand a single bit of your reply its to broken, I dont think any of your reply had an asnwer to a single question that GunnerHQ or brunyman had... Not in proper English anyways.

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