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I Need The Password For /login Password


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The password isn't given to you by someone, you're the one creating it, by using "/register password password" then logging in with it using "/login password" .

Example: /register cleverpass cleverpass

               /login cleverpass

If you write /register and it says that you are already registered, then somebody might be playing with your name.

On which server are you trying to register? (Network / Tekkit / FTB / SkyFactory)

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I tryed do the command it says Im allready registerd. I would like to know how I log on? I'm a member here though. Please tell me how I find out what my password is. Because Im new to this system and don't understand anything.

I've been on here 2 months ago I think. I could move around back then but I don't remember what password I used Im pretty sure I didn't use one. If I need to get that back please recover it for me. I don't remember it if its like that.

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