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Serverrestart Killed Me


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I was playing on the SkyFactory 2 server and was flying above the void (i thought i didn't) and i didn't see the server was "Restarting" so the server restarted. i log back in and Dead. and the problem about my minecraft is that it takes 1-2 minutes to load up the server im joining, so i joined and i died i got no chance to save myself with my flying or anything and i had 1 reinforced watering can on me and i don't want to make another one as i made 2 but one of them was for a my farm and the other one was for personal use. so all im asking is if i can get back my reinforced watering can?. or if you can like give me back all the items i lost that would be great too but i care most about the reinforced watering can, so can i get it back?




IGN: minecraften22

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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