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How Can I Donate With A Prepaid Card?


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So as we all know the sale is starting soon.I would like to use a prepaid card to buy a rank in tekkit but the issue is is that i couldnt find a prepaid card avalible to use on paymentwall and paypal in Malaysia

Is there another way of using a prepaid card for this?

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Can you purchase a pre paid mastercard or visa? Any of the methods above, which are straight from our donation link are accepted.
Edit: Here usually gas stations and grocery stores carry the pre paid visa or mastercard.
Usually a fee for activation is charged of $3-$5 paid when you buy the card, and then it requires you to activate it online and then after about 30min to 1hour the card is activated and ready for use.
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I don't think you answered his question don....

When checking out you choose PayPal then click use prepaid debit or just debit I forgot

Hope this helps

He said he couldn't find a pre paid card that works with paypal.

I explained that a pre paid visa or mastercard will work. Aslong as its actually backed by visa or mastercard.


R0ck_ In the picture you can notice, the cards paypal accepts are visa, mastercard, american express and discover cards. There should be like I said a pre paid visa and mastercard at most convenience stores.

Otherwise look for the paysafe cards. We dont have paysafe cards in canada.

But visa and mastercard are worldwide it shouldnt be to hard to find one of those two.


Then there is paysafe cards if you can obtain one of those.


The pre paid visa and mastercards usually look like this


aslong as you see the logo for the company it will work with paypal. (make sure you activate the card online before you try otherwise it wont work until you do activate the card, usually the back of the card has the instructions to activate it.)


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