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Hey Guys,

i recently wanted to play some Minecraft on the direwolf20-Server but every time i try to start it (btw I am using the Curse Launcher to start the modpack) my memory usage jumps up to 98% from like 20% and than it crashes. I looked up what programm is using that much resources its called : "javaw.exe"


To prevent these questions I am using a: -Intel i5 4670 with 3.4 GHz
                                                                 -Nvidia Geforce 650Ti  

                                                                  - and 8 Gb RAM


I know my setup is not the best but i already played like 80 hours on this server with my setup.

And i bought myself premium membership so i dont wanna loose this 

please help me with my problem.


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In the launcher there should be a setting to change it

You might have to get FTB launcher to do that.

If you only have 4gb ram don't allow more than 2gb.

What's happening is what you give java it takes. And your pc is left with nothing to use for itself.

Edit: in the settings for technic launcher java settings are clearly labeled as java. So if you don't see it in curse get FTB launcher.

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I give java 4gb and 4gb will easily run your pc.
But why is your ram shooting to 98%+ and crashing then. What % of ram are you using at idle?


Also definitely make sure you have the latest 64bit java installed as Carajocomer stated. It cant be to many things.


-Either the java is acting up and a re install of latest 64bit should fix that.


-There is a FTB launcher as I stated curse might be having a issue with its ram allocation in java and just giving all of it.


-Or you have to many background processes running and not enough is left after giving java 4gb to run the computer still. You could easily check this by setting java to get 1gb ram and open game. If you jump to 98%+ then this isn't the case and you should check the other two options out.

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