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Scammer Report


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i'm opening this Topic to report this player xXIanXx stole to me all i had in my inventory... That is what happened...

He was writing in chat he was selling the Watering Can Reinforced, i said i wanted buy it and i asked "tpa or auction?" He sent me tp request to bring me to him, i accepted but he broken blocks under my feets and i have fallen down and i died. I asked "Why?" and i asked gently to let me get back my items... He said "No, i will not cause no one rule deny to me to don't broken blocks under to you, if u come here is not my problem if u die." I asked more to get back my stuffs but nothing to do... 2 mins later he sent me a new tp request and he did the same thing... 2 mins later he said "come here i'll give u all back" i accepted and he gave me stuffs that wasn't mine, random useless items saying "i'm more clever that a scammer" so i gave him all back and i'm here to ask to someone to help me to have back that stuffs (that i payed some minutes before voting and getting money to pay them). I count on the justice, pls help me. Ty so much.






This is the second time he do something like this to steal inventory items...

He already got another report for the same situation...



"Timur asked me to post a list of items i lost, i don't remember all i had but i'll write what i remember for sure"

10 Diamond Seeds (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)

10 Redstone Seeds (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)

10 Earth Seeds (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)

10 Yellorium Seeds (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)


10 Diamond Essence (around)

14 Redstone Essence (around)

18 Earth Essence (around)

10 Yellorium Essence (around)

10 Iron Essence (around)

1 Stack of Earth (or a little less) (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)

1 Stack of Cobblestone (or a little less) (GOT BACK FROM TIMUR)

32 Seared Brick

4 Aluminum Brass Ingot

1 Certus Quarts Hoe

2 Stacks of Torchs (or a little less)

Some Oak Sapling (I have zero now)

And more i don't remember at moment...

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10 Diamond Seeds

10 Redstone Seeds

10 Earth Seeds

10 Yellorium Seeds

10 Iron Seeds

1 Stack of Earth (Dirt)

1 Stack of Cobblestone

Refunded by me, the rest i couldn`t refund, because Creative spawn tags.


Please take note of xXIanXx, because it`s his SECCOND time he scammed/tp killed someone. If this happends third time, i`ll vote for a big punishment, like 30 day ban, or permaban.

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