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Death Caused By A Glitch


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So the story goes like this i was mining trying to find yellorium inside a cave while for no apperent reason i got glitched thru the ground and fell straight down thru the void, as i died after that i tried to get back and see maybe its a bug maybe the items stayed on the ground but no i got teleported god knows where and didn't find anything as it teleported me there i assumed its some sort of a glitch.So im here asking for help if there's a way i could retrieve my items just the one's that matter to me the most i didn't have much since i always leave everything inside the storage's


Here are the screenshots that i manged to take 


As you can see on the picture's that i've taken you can notice there's no blocks destroyed and i've lost my items trying to figure out a way to get back to them since i used the command "/back" once i died.If you understand my situation i would be really happy for you to reply and help me solve this 

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I had the same problem...I was travelling in a cave when suddenly I went through the stone and died in lava(lost my items)

The problem isn't in the items,but,the glitch.

Please solve this glitch/bug.



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It's called client desync/lag. Your game didn't report your player's position correctly and thus the server decided to make you fall. This isn't a but that can be fixed by us. The only way to 'fix' or in this case lower the likelihood that something like it will happen again is just to have a better connection to the server itself.


However I can give you a refund in game, put a list of items that you lost here.

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Oh alright well i've never heard that's possible still a odd thing that happend

Here's the list:

1x Redstone Energy Cell

Power armor with the fist:

Power armor helmet upgrades:Nightvision, Water Electrolyzer, Diamond plating

Power armor Chestplate:Active Camoflauge, mob repulsor, Diamond plating

Power armor legs:Spring assist, Diamond plating

Power armor boots:Shock absorber, Diamond plating

Power armor fist. I've only had the blink drive

A Ruby sword that had enchantments Fire aspect 2, half used diamond pickaxe that had Fortune 3 and i had full oxygen gear with medium oxygen tank's they were i think half filled with air.That's all

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