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Crash Launcher Mc Premium

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RAM is usually easily accessible on a laptop threw a provided hatch on the back, Depends on the laptop though.
Sometimes it is labeled on the hatch, in the form of a little picture etched into the plastic. Other times you have to just open and see.

Do you know what ram looks like? Check for any that have come out. I've had a stick dis lodge and it took me a while to figure it out. The computer even registered all of the ram but wasn't able to use half of it since the one stick wasn't in the slot entirely.


I've never had ram go bad on me yet (fingers crossed) but It does happen, also the slot itself can go bad. I suggest after inspecting that they are in, to take 1 stick out and try. And then the other and try. While you do that, make sure you also test each slot. 

There should be two slots for ram, sometimes more. 

And you said you have 3288mb of ram available in the system though, its possible you only have 1 4gb stick of ram which would leave you stuck on testing that stick.

See how much ram java has allocated maybe its changed for some reason, to little ram and the game will crash half way threw loading. To much allocated and the game will crash when you begin to play.

My pc uses anywere from 1gb to 1.5gb of ram on idle doing absolutely nothing besides necessary background processes. I don't have anti virus either which would take some more ram to run, especially when it does a scan.
That leaves you 1788mb or rounded up to 1.8gb of ram only. I know 1gb isn't enough to launch WA the game simply loads 1/2 way and crashes. Not sure about the other packs.
I suggest upgrading your ram, if you already have a single 4gb stick (which is likely) then get a 2nd for cheap. Its cheaper for a laptop maker to use 1 4gb stick instead of 2 2gb ones, so there should be room to upgrade.


(check how many background processes you are running, Done by CTRL+ALT+DEL > Task Manager, bottom of the small task manager should be a button to show more information, click it > bottom left side now will show the total # of processes. There is also a performance tab, which will show ram usage.

Store bought pre built computers come with a lot of bloat ware. Most of that bloat ware automatically loads, including things like anti virus trials etc. I like to keep the processes around max 60, 40-50 is a better place to be. You probably have 75+ running on startup)


Even if this doesn't fix your issue, its all good things to do anyways. You will get rid of some performance robbing processes and if you upgrade the ram have a better over all experience in most situations.

I attempted to read that log. Its gibberish to me sorry :,(


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Try the memtest. If its ram you could just be chasing your tail.

There is a program called memtest, requires you to make a boot disc (dvd or usb drive) and boot off it. Its the best test, but prime95 is also free and you can do that a little easier. Test the ram and if it fails it will stop the test so its safe.

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