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Quagma's Art Post

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Well, I consider myself a little bit of an artist. I'm not great, but I'm not bad either. And, since this is the topic to post the arts, I'm gonna do that here.


Image 1: The Cosmic Spud



Image 2: Octosaurus Rex



Image 3: A Creepy Valentines Day Heart



I have more, but some aren't ready yet for release to the public. I also make comics, and you can check those out at my website, http://superheroesonly.weebly.com/

Is that a shameless plug? Probably. But visit it anyways, why not?


EDIT// Another art image! This one is of a bunch of spaceships based off sea creatures.



EDIT// Next one: A really really bad wordplay on the word chili and it's variants. Sorry, not sorry?



EDIT// An updated version of the previous link. Crazy cool chili graphics. I'm still not sorry, though.



EDIT// A holiday card.




Edited by quagma
happy new years edit

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Yo' dude. Website down. Mayday! Great work though. I actually saw a few of your comics a few weeks ago when I first joined. Found the link in your profile or something. 


Tried to revisit today... down. :/

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@hey_joe, hey thanks for noticing that. Turns out it was simply a broken link. Fixed it. The one in my signature can get you there, too. 


Also added another link on there. Check it out!

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