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Some Normal Assasin Questions


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is there any way to view stats of a player and see like how many fame is left to reach next rank and e.t.c ?


Will you any time soon have staff applications i am dying for it because i have seen a lot of hackers and i will try my best to report them but there too many mostly its people flying while pvping.


Can you tell me how i can donate by SMS or Call because i really do want to donate.


How can i get gold fast ? i only know 6 dungeons.



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There is more dungeons than that and soon there will be update with even more dungeons.


And staff applications are opened almost every months,just be patient. :)

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1. You can only view your own assassin statistics by running /rank. That'll show you what rank you're currently at, how much fame you've got and how much more you need in order to get to the next rank.


2. Helper applications for the Network servers will be re-opened as soon as more staff are needed. No one can be certain as to when exactly that's happening.


3. Are you sure you can't use PayPal, Paysafe or a Visa card instead? Donating by SMS is quite tricky, and hardly ever available for the public to use. You're gonna have to wait for Brunyman on this one.


4. As Beh said, the map's full of hidden dungeons and parkours. It's up to you to explore the place and find them. Additionally, getting yourself a shop and selling items would also be a source of revenue to consider. Trading and bargaining, when applied properly, can go a long way when it comes to making a profit.


I hope that works. Let us know if you have any more questions regarding Assassin's Craft v1!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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