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;( ;( Cant Someone Do Something Right For Once


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please fix the freaking item disappear bug i lost another item

and the sword that is returned has 2 enchantments missing it doesnt have sharpness V and knockback II


I SWEAR those where on my sword u can give me the sword or you can give me xp and the 2 enchant books and il do it myself


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Pffft, you will catch more flies with honey. 


You really should post this in the "Technical Support" section of whichever server you are referring to. You will get faster results this way, when someone of power does come on. Some server staff only check their server's forum section etc. - so this may never be seen. 


Re-post to the appropriate server's Technical Support forum, using the provided template in that forum. 


I would re-locate this post for you, but I can't. I will bump for you tho. 

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Hello, You also need proof that u had it if u don't staff members might think ur trying to get free swords.. If you do not badluck or maybe if the glitch/bug exists maybe they will restore ur items [Correct me if i'm wrong]


Kind regards -ThePro256

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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