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Direwolf 1.7.10 Excessive Server Crashes


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​Hello, I Am Trying To Figure Out Why The Direwolf Server Keeps Crashing.

I Was Wondering If Anyone Could Tell Me Why.


Every Time The Server Resets, It Is Up For 5 Seconds - 2.5 Minutes Then Restarts Again.




Thank you For Your Help.    





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There is someone who crashes the server on login and doesn't seem to realize. SonGoku opened a thread regarding aome potion effects (I think) crashes on FTB, so that might be the cause. As brunyman (or maybe Powerwarp) are the only ones who can get a server crash log, I would wait.

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Wait for Lord brunyman, as he is the only one that can fix server issues.




Is there any way i can contact brunyman? I found a duplication glitch on skyfactory he might want to remove.

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