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Island-Rollback; Got Griefed


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Hey guys,


I just saw that all my ME-Drives got griefed and the drives in there are also gone. Many items and also liquids...


The incident was between 00:30 and 7:45 in the last night (GMT+2 - german time). 


A rollback to the server restart around 00:30 (went offline then) would be the best if possible.


Screenshot of the missing ME-Drives:





I only got some more screenshots to show that there were ME-Drives in there, just tell me if you need them.


People who can proof that there was many stuff in there: Jessylein94, Baetz, Lina, S0ulR34per & Imperatus.


As first step I locked down my island. Are all "trust" revoked when I do this? Is there any way to look up all "trust"? I know of four people having trust on the island and I cannot think of more. I do not think that any of these guys need to steal something.


Maybe you could look for a unique ME-Wirless Receiver linked to my ME-System. It was also in there.


The island is around the coordinates:


X: -8204; Z: -3404


Thank you in advance.




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