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Messed Up Day/night Cycle On Skyfactory 2.5


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This has been going on for three days.

Hello! There's something severely messed up with the day/night cycle on the skyfactory server, it moves forward every 1 second by about ~45 ingame minutes.

Proof posted below.



It has been said that this also occurs when there are no Sponsors online, - Even though we can only set the time to a specific time, and not gradually add time like it is happening here.


Currently: ~16:30 CET 2016-11-11 it has been going on for about 20 minutes straight now. it usually comes and goes, my assumption is that either someone managed to bypass your banned item system and got themself a sun dial. similar things happened with weather the other day but has since then stopped.

Or, a staff member has been pranking us from the console for three days. I consider that highly unlikely. 


But something HAS to be done about this, because it's starting to piss the playerbase off.

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