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what i want?

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flamingironbird    139

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Posted yesterday at 05:11 ·

go away then little child because your pissing me off! quagma please just T/C this and moderate his posting please for us all.
itsz    20

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Posted yesterday at 05:11 ·

Disrespecting staff wont help you in this situation or any situation, i recommend you to calm down, speak nicely with us, what do you really want so we can solve this problem



The problem? Quagma call me in discor talk yerk because my english is so bad



Flamingironbird call me little kiddy and you all think thats ok


I become a 2 day ban because sharing creative items and thejoker91 becomes no ban 4 the same why?


You ban me for spamm but others they

Are call player kiddy yerk etc you do nothing.

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Speak nicely with us

That you say i speak nicely but you read only what you want.

You dont understand what i mean

You dont ask me what you not understand


You call me only little kiddy and yerk


I want know



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I had shared 1 ender quarry and upgrades and ender marker


Why are that creative items?

I had in my town an enderquarry endermarker and upgrades builded


But i m not an creative item player

How that work? Explain pls thx

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First of all, making an alternate account due to last account was banned will get you ban again.

Second, we are requesting for proof that Quagma said "jerk" on the discord converstation, On the forum he said sorry for calling jerk because of you attitude not your language skills, also you said that you already uploaded the video on youtube without telling us any keyword or title how are we suppose to search between 630,720,000 hours + the 188,697,600 hours from the previous years for a grand total of 819,417,600 hours video?

Third, As Quagma said he was trying to explain to you on discord why you are banned but you are not listening to him, you keep yelling at him. you didn't give him time to talk now you complain that we don't understand?

Forth, There's the edit button if you want to fix your last post/sentence/word/paragraph/letters/you name it, don't spam the comment.

Fifth, if this is a complaint you are in the wrong section, not in the correct model

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Hi! New to this conversation... but why don't you write in a language that you actually know best... at least that way we can understand something, because google isn't the best tool for translating. You can write in Italian, french, german... whatever. (I know from the other staffs that you do know these languages well, but not that well English)

That if you want this situation to be resolved... If not just keep doing what you do and it will last until next year. Your choice.

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Yes the forum is english only but we will make an exception for you so itll be easier for us to communicate

The enderquarry is marked creative items because someone is on a creative town(which means a town that has a player with creative)gave you the block, automatically all blocks that he have in that town is marked creative thus making the enderquarry you have is creative block


translate below (google translate)

Ja das Forum ist nur Englisch, aber wir machen eine Ausnahme für Sie, damit es einfacher für uns ist zu kommunizieren

Die enderquarry ist markiert kreative Elemente, weil jemand auf einer kreativen Stadt (was bedeutet, dass eine Stadt, die einen Spieler mit kreativen hat) gab Ihnen den Block, automatisch alle Blöcke, die er in dieser Stadt ist kreativ markiert, so dass die enderquarry Sie haben ist kreativ ist Blocker in dieser Stadt hat, ist gekennzeichnet, also das Enderquarry, das Sie haben, ist kreativer Block ist


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But you say all items in a creative town are creative items.


I had look in chest on the items that i had shared i had see no creative marker on item.

Its impossible that dirtwrap build an non creative item in his creative town?


And why i became a ban but thejoker91 he had te creative market items you say that they are creative marked but i didnt see on items a creative mark.

But only me became a ban and thejoker91 became no ban and he had the items? He had write me that are him items.

1 is he is a lier


2 it was him items

My misstake was i had believed was thejoker91 has written to me.



I had written many many times i dont want an unban!!!! I want only know why i m banned NOT MORE.


And then is the minecraft help area the right area i has thinked to made a question about minecraft....

But when faves and quagma closed the topic without give an answer? Then i must opened a ne topic and that is not spamming.

That is only what i must do when i want a answer for 1 question!


When you answer me in the first topic and not closed it before you had give an answer then i dont must open new topic its so easy......

But you can made it difficult and then say i m a kiddy style... why gm s closed the topics without an answer


Can you here say me 100% clearly that on this items what i had give was an creative mark? You had see it?

Or you only say what because you think that?


when i go in a creative town with items in my bag then are this items creative marked?

When i go in a creative town an take an item from my town had builded in a chest then are this items creative marked?

Then you say: ALL BLOCKS in a creative town ARE CREATIVE MARKED


Is that right?


Ps: google translate are horrible i understand nothing from your google translate german sry

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Why i write here? I want first ask this queation in minecraft help but quagma and fave had closed all topics eith not the right are for questions.

Then i must open a topic in requeat ban area and he write bot the right area for questions


Now i write in games area

But say me pls whats the right area gunnar? To write a question about minecraft play thx

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Ok dude... considering you may understand english, but your english is bad... Use german.

And as for why you were banned... you joined a town that it is owned by a creative player. Meaning he has the permission to get items from creative menu.

The rules say the following: If a normal player joins a creative player town, that player must not share any items outside that town. Doesn't matter if they have tags or not. The town belongs to a creative player and no items are permitted to leave the town. We can't know if the items you shared are legit or spawned, but since were in that town... automatically it's assumed that are creative and thus forbidden to leave that town. Dirt should know that.

The ban is over... stop this useless ghost hunting... and go play on the server and remember, if you are member of a town that has players with creative access (players with Premium+ or Sponsor and Sponsor+) you are not allowed to share any items from it... not a single one.


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thx 4 answer

then i had right you dont know it. its a creative item or not that was what i want to know thx


but a new problem

when i buy a sponsor + and i had 2 other players in my town

then this 2 players cant use items that i had builded? on normal way? with farm items and build it in crafting table?

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If you buy Sponsor same thing happens... They are not allowed to share the items outside the town... or they will be punished like you did... doesn't matter if are or not creative items. Also... if they have other town they must not move items in between towns... But they can use any item that exists in your town, as long as they don't share it outside the town or move it in their town. Understand?

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ok thx but they hadnt an other town this 2 players play in my town :D only ... i had buy the town i had buy the chunks 4 town and we playd together. when i go farm items then he take this items. that is how we play normal play style. i play more times and that is why i go farm and the other 2 players dont must go farm and they can build our town :D

we play since begin together...


i want buy spnsor+ but now i cant buy it then when i buy it the other 2 players cant play in our town . thats interesting thx

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I said... they can play with you in your town... as long as they don't share any items outside your town if you get Sponsor rank. Beside that... you can do what ever you guys want in your town... in the limits of rules of course..

I thought the 2 days were over :) my bad... well anyway... soon you'll be able to join the server and play.

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but when we had tool racks in town.. with tools and weapon. and when a player need a sword 4 behaeding wither skulls then he took our beheader+ sword in tool rack when he go farm wood he takes the lumber axe from tool rack etc... thats we made because is cheaper for all 3 player had 1 tool for everything that all player can use and not every player must build his own tools.

and what i mean was... when i buy sponsor+ then i build a tool or weapon not a creative one a normal item with farming and cfrafting in crafting tbale then the other 2 player cant use it why? he cant go outside from town to farm with it. i see in the rules and you say no item outside the town...

but now you say dont share an item outside the town then he can use this items outside the town to farm etc?

but he cant give this items to another player?


share items i understand give an item another player...

and i was banned 2 days because i had give thejoker91 a item INSIDE the town now you say outside sharing is a ban ....

when i give an item to another player inside a creative town then i became a bann that is what i know now because faves had banned me for sharing item inside a creative town. correctly: i was INSIDE dirtwraps TOWN and thejoker91 was inside the town.. i take the items from chest and put it on ground and thejoker91 had pickup the items inside the town and faves bann me 2 days 4 sharing creative items. now you say its not allowed sharing items OUTSIDE the town....?!? that i not understand!!!!


yousay The rules say the following: If a normal player joins a creative player town, that player must not share any items outside that town

here the RULES:


[4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town:

  • 1st offense = 2 days ban of both parties involved.
  • 2nd offense = 7 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 14 days ban.

i was NEVER outside of dirtwrap TOWN with this items that what i understand now is FAVES had BANNED me for NOTHING



the bann was i had is not allowed ok .

but i must wait why?


the rules say creative items... but i had take from chest in dirtwrpas town non creative items and sharing in his town non creative items


correclty: i had inside a creative town shared non creative items inside the creative town and became a bann from faves for 2 days.. but rules say:


[4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town:


i m not a creativ player i dont had a creativ menu.. i cant had a creativ item in my town. i had only take items outside a chest from dirtwrpas town i was every time inside of dirtwrpas town and i shared this items from this chest inside the town to thejoker91 and i became a bann cool


and FAVE had banned me for 2 days because i stand IN the town and thejoker91 was IN the town but rules say its not allowed sharing OUTSIDE the town...

but why i had becaome a 2day bann? eyplain me pls thx

thejoker91 had port ME inside of dirtwraps town i was NEVER outside his town tih this items.... but i m banned THX

rules say OUSIDE town is not allowed but i was INSIDE thetown LOL and he was INSIDE the town that understnad i so: hhad i broken this rule? no! but i m banned for breaking this rules what? xD funny funny


and the other was i not understand is:

when i buy sponsor+ then its not allowed sharing items outside the town.

but when i want sell an item or antoher player need 1 enderpearls... then its not allowed to give 1 enderpearl to this player?

when he portet me in his town and i give him this 1 enderpearl then rules say its not allowed sharing items outside the town when i im be spnsor+

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