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Okay, so on the 08/04/2017 there was some sort of server crash. Prior to this, I was charging my Power Suits in some energetic infusers I had just made.

So, list of events:

-I make 5 energetic infusers (because spawn had no power)

-I start charging my Power suit up (Helm, chestplate, leggings, boots, fist)

-The server crashes

-Get back online to find no power suit.


now this wouldent be so bad and I wouldent be so mad if I hadent had all upgrades (that I use/need) on all my suit pieces.

Here is a list of what I had:

Power Armour Helmet:

Energy Shield, Elite Battery, HES generator, Water Electrolyzer, Auto-feeder, Night vision, clock and compass.

Chest plate:

Energy Shield, Elite battery, Glider, Jetpack, DTG, Active Camouflage, Magnet, Mob repulsor and cooling system.


Energy Shield, Elite battery, K generator, Sprint assist, jump assist, aqua assist and step assist


Energy Shield, Elite Battery, jet boots and shock absorber.


Axe, Pickaxe, shovel, sheers, leaf blower, flint & steel, wireless terminal, FT Module, Diamond Drill, Aqua Affinity, I-P assembler, Melee assist, elite battery and Blink drive.


I put a lot of work and gathering into this and I know its probably not your fault that the server crashed or whatever but I still lost them because of the server and I know its not my fault. I know you could say that I shouldn't be charging things (which is silly) but how was I suppose to know a crash was happening? I would really appreciate it if I got my items back and my in-game name is xX_Samuel_GB_Xx (I am premium) and my base coords are: x -2600 and z 1560 (y 61) and is called CyberJamSam. Thank you!

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