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[Presentation] Maeve

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Hi. I'm Faenix.


Key, and yes my name is Key, and no my mother did not think of a lock when she gave me this name ^.^" , It was a meaning that I was like a keepsake to her and I was precious to her as I am her youngest son and also the youngest of 2 brothers and 2 sisters!






My birthday is March 12th and I am a Pisces if anybody happens to wonder about that, I am currently of the age of 18.


Crafter's Land Servers you play:

Currently playing on the Direwolf20 Server





A short description of yourself:

A weird, extremely quiet, probably awkward person. I'm not much of a talker which is why today I had my first conversation with a group of staff members and boy, oh boy was it quite awkward, I didn't know them, they didn't know me, they just know that I was recently appointed Helper. But hey we all gotta start somewhere! I'm Key or Faenix and I'm here to help as much as I can and hopefully not make a fool out of myself in the process of helping.


Hobbies and interests:

A special hobby of mine is currently cooking and I love it and it definitely makes me want to pursue cooking but I believe my skills of cooking are amateur but I'd like to be able to cook instead of not cook at all. Anyways my current interest is becoming a Barista! I love bars and I definitely would not mind being one of the guys who are behind the counter passing out drinks to all the folks who come in and share their story and I get to bond with them and have a good old laugh with them!


Discord / Skype Name:






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What a great introduction. Don't worry about being awkward around the team; it gets better as you go. Just be yourself and believe in your powers. :)

Good luck with your staff career on here. See you around. ^_^

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