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Crafter's Land Servers you play:

Infinity Evolved 



A short description of yourself:

Hello all if this is your first time meeting me you may call me Forgot for short, hopefully we can be friends :D

I'm an open minded kind of guy, some might call me a jokester at times cause of my satire, but I am very caring and try to be understanding as well. 

I work full time Mon-Fri 8-5, I do work for a rental company AH4R, which pretty much entails anything that needs to be done before it can be rented again. Mostly painting the ceilings, walls, doors, and trim. 

In what free time I do have I spend on my Xbox and PC. My social life is pretty much stuck to the internet. 

Hobbies and interests:

My only hobbies are gaming, I enjoy playing with others and having interaction with people online it's a fun experience I've met many people of different lifestyles and countries. 

My other mistress is Destiny, I LOVE the gun mechanics of it. Im what you might call a tryhard. My drive in that game is finding the best players I can on the lfg and hear them rage in private matches. 

I also enjoy music alot, anything with bass in it is cool with me. 

Discord / Skype Name:



If there is anything else you would like to know just ask me :)

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Pleasure meeting you Forgot, Exquisite introduction. I do hope to meet you one day in game as I plan to play Infinity Evolved one day after the wipe. Cheers.

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