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Unban Bad_Wolf_Bay

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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Unknown. I haven't been on in a couple of days, I log on and I'm banned.

[3] Ban Category:

Said I was ban when I tried to log on.

[4] Ban Duration:

A day and something left

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

of what?

[7] Your Reason:

I've seen where others have posted that Quagma has ban them for duping. 

1) What was I supposed to have duplicated illegally?

2) I'm a Premium+, which means I have creative....why would I duplicate anything when I can just spawn it in?

3) I see that's it's GirNation. Yeah, I'm a member, but check the log files, I have my own town and if you actually go to it, you'll see that I have no need to dupe anything.

I'm requesting the un-ban for the simple reason that (also if you check the log files, I haven't been on recently to even know what's going on) that I like to know what I'm being accused of before I'm found guilty. 

If you want to really take care of a bug then do something about the multiblock structures.

Spawn in half of what it takes to make a big reactors turbine and create the multiblock.

When you break it, then creative tags are gone (at least they were 2 weeks ago and is what I reported to staff). 

Imagine the rife cheating in the market when you can sell spawned in items.

Thank you.

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If you read the ban reason, it said rule 2, which is duping. You were banned because the entire town situation which you are in is a large mess. It's not multiblock items that were duped, though. Regular blocks, valuable ones, and keys were duped. Some of the town members were also selling said items. It's also much easier to unban innocent people rather than miss a guilty person. Sharing of items, creative and duped, and selling of duped items. I will unban you, as you haven't been on during it. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'd recommend leaving the town, though.

EDIT// Bad_Wolf_Bay unbanned. You are now free to continue playing on the server. 

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cool beans. I've heard rumor that DW20 1.10 is inching it's way to the server. If I play, it won't be much (I'm learning chisels and bits on a single player for the occasion). 

I'll find someone to kick me out of that town asap.

Thanks :)

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