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Infinity Evolved Server WIPE is Complete!

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As requested some time ago, the server full WIPE is complete! We fixed some dupe issues before this WIPE as when we first opened the server we had big issues with dupes so we tried to fix all dupes we found to prevent unfair game progress for some. 

All the game features are the same, but a fresh start for all. 

Thanks to all staff members, some spent a lot of time to research bugs and dupes so we can fix them before this reset.

If you want to download the old map, so you will not lose your progress you can do it here: 


Modded for the Experts!


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On 6/18/2017 at 10:37, Timur said:

@brunyman Please provide online map if this possible.

It would make searching for "Perfect place to live" much easyer.
If there IS online map, please link it to your first post.

Link to download the old map is already in the post

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