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[Rollback Request] Corrupted chunks, Town

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Account Name: Space_Mun

Town name: / Character name : Cape Laboratories

Coordinates: x -798 z -3826 y 63

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: June 16th, 9pm

Description of Issue: My base is gone, looks like it became a corrupted chunk. Helpers G_G and Kvittas were there and told me to request a rollback. 

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )

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It was recently brought to my attention by crafty that the the town I have been building was erased due to the illegal creation of items by one of my friends, NUKING_Lizards, hereforth NL. 

              I want to relive my relationship with NL for the staff in order to plea my innocence in this debacle and ultimately have my town rolled back.
I have been an active member of the CraftersLand Community for almost two years. I've met many friends along the way, especially in the recent months. I love to show others what I have built, to share my little part of the community. I enjoy taking others through my mine cart track which leads to my Factory. I enjoy sharing cake with new players and giving them some wool or cacti from my numerous machines. It was through this I had met NL. What separated NL from my other friends was that he had a Discord and wanted to speak. This made it easier for me to trust him and allow him access to my home so that he could borrow items if he ever needed. If I had known he was committing duping behaviors I surely would have wanted to have been no part of it.

I'm including some evidence for my plea using the Discord chat used between us. It further proves my obliviousness to any illegal activity. 
As well as this, a conversation with crafty on the same Discord brings further light to exactly where I am in this situation. I hope these screenshots help my case.
Lastly I would like to make clear that my base was built and solely occupied by myself. The materials used to build it as well maintained it we're created by me. There is no evidence that says otherwise. 

Thanks for reading. I honestly just wanted to write this as a last chance for myself to be part of this great community. It took a lot of time and a lot for my heart to build what I was working on. 




Echibit C.png

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I had to rewrite everything due to picture overlap.

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