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Rank not received after donating

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Hello. I am not in Tekkit staff team, but I was the only one who can understand what he says and communicate with him. His IGN is boulanger29. He is currently experiencing some problems. First, he did not received his rank after his donation. According to his email he received after purchase, he bought sponser+ rank. He didnt get his rank even two hours passed. Second, the reason why I am posting instead of him is that he is having issue with his forum account. He said that when he try to join forum, he has severe lag with his account. I attach his payment confirmation e-mail shared with us to make sure he paid.

Hello boulanger29, 
Thank you for your purchase! This email confirms that we have received your payment and you should receive your items soon. 
If you do not receive your items in the next 10-15 minutes, please contact a member of staff on our server. Please do not email Mojang or Buycraft. 
Purchased packages: 
•    1x Tekkit Sponsor+
•    Sub Total: 69.99 EUR
•    Tax: 0.00 EUR
•    Total: 69.99 EUR
•    Gateway: PayPal
•    Transaction ID: 0BJ76138T15673025
•    Username: boulanger29
•    Date: 18th June 2017 19:45

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