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Dear staff,

The server crashed, it happends from time to time. now there was a rollback. this rollback aint normal went back verry long, many hours i think.

i crafted crap ton of stuff that cost so much time to craft. rollback of a few min ok, but i feal i just wasted a whole day of crafting :( 

for example i crafted:  chunkloader, tesseracts, redstone ovens (max upgraded) pulverizor (max upgrade) Induction oven (max upgrade) (auto sieve small, auto sieve big) auto hammer small, auto hammer big (include the upgrade hammers) 10 import bus inc speed upgrades. Tranfernode 5x normal 5x liquid include 50+ world interaction upgrade.  full me system inc 6 harddrives 16k and crafting screen, casting stuff. compacting drawer.

fluid transposer and magma crucible (max upgraded) and all kinds of alloyds like vibrand and engergitic, ender power cables more then a stack, me cables +- 70

and a lot off stuff i forgot :(

I know a crash can happen, but this aint normal. is there anything you can do to help?

Thank you for your time to awnser/read this.

With regards,




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Hey, for a rollback request you must follow this template http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/15503-template-rollback-request/ . Just edit your topic and include the format in. But that is going to take 4 days as Maintenance was just done yesterday. So, would you like a refund instead? I'll start doing it as soon as I read your reply.

P.s If you're going with the refund, can you do it like this(Mentioned below)? Some of the items you mentioned dont have a quantity value unfortunately

64 x Stone
64 x Dirt 


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I was really disaponted yesterday, this rollback was crazy. Afther a hour of cooldown on my end i started to craft all items again.

So all items are made once again. 

I can do a refund qeust for my time and peace off my life back :P

Is there a reason this Rollback was so crazy?

Thank you for your help,

With regards.



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Yeah, I'm not so sure why there was a massive rollback for merely what was thought to be a crash-loop. So you want a refund request correct? If so comment down the items you lost in a list with the quantity number, the list you made above is a bit confusing due to missing quantity of certain items

Edited by Yusixs
Spoke to player ingame, apparently she crafted all the items herself after the incident and doesn't need a rollback anymore. Topic Closed!

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