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So my friend and i have been playing on the Sky factory server for a while now, and we stopped for some months and came back later, then we came back we where missing our deep storages (It was kinda sad but we just started getting the materials again) And now we are missing our ME drives and all of our storage, we have nothing right now, it was all of our materials.
Someone that knows what to do?

The name of us players are UNO_AMIGO and Daxtar_2000, if there is a Helper that want us to give the name

Now i'm editing there is also a whole problem with my ME system, Everytime i place a cable it breaks and it's maybe because it knows that it's missing the drives also my Crafting terminal is just like a normal terminal when it is a crafting one.

I need a lot of help here on my island

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Please edit your first post to match with the following temple:

or post a new post in Modded servers/skyfactory/technical support with the temple. 


Moved to SF 2.5 Technical Support

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