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Thoughts on Minecon Earth?

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This is a discussion that I wanted to have with you guys about Minecon 2017.

I just saw this and was kinda bummed because I was actually going to go this year...

Apparently They aren't having a convention in person this year, it will be a 90 minute livestreamed event (condensed down from 3 days...)


Mojang's Thread on 'Minecon Earth'

AntVenom's Video (how I saw)

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Maybe they'll give out capes at random intervals throughout the stream? Or have a link to some online store where you can buy one, but that would mean loads of people getting minecon capes and it would bring their uniqueness down big time. So it's probably not happening.

Who knows, maybe they'll have another event at a physical location for those who want a cape. They're not charging money for them from the looks of it though. Project lead for Minecraft has said:

"We are working on how the capes will work- would definitely not charge money for them though!"

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