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Tekkit Server WIPE is Complete!

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Tekkit Server full WIPE is Complete! Everything except ranks got a reset. This WIPE was needed because the last reset took place in January and the main map was all full.

On this WIPE we took the time and fixed a list of documented bugs and dupes, thanks to staff and players for reporting them.

Also we generated new map seeds on all worlds and changed the biomes on main world to large.



  • Full server WIPE.
  • New maps seeds on all worlds.
  • Main map biomes are set to large now.
  • Fixed a lot of dupe bugs.
  • Removed the Fuel Vote Reward and added Legendary Crate Key as Vote Crate reward.
  • Removed Tier 2 Rocket and Cargo rocket legendary rewards and replaced them with Heavy duty plates and Advanced solar panels.


Old world download link:  HERE


Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too.




Galactic adventures!

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