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I want to make this post to the well-being of the server. We can get less people banned in the server because they do not simply knew that HB/Ropedart/Smoke/Camping (Because the signs of do not camp are... useless) in spawn ain't legal. Same as CTW. People do not know that taking armor from your own wool is not allowed. Wool bug abuse either..


1. Can you edit the /rules so new people know that HB/Smoke/Ropedart ain't allowed in spawn.

2. Add a region that makes potions effect dissapear. (And if you want potions of Strength, ETC, just go out of the spawn.)

3. When new people join the server, teleport them to a site with signs or something that tells you the rules.


1. Same as the 1. of ACV1 but knowing that they can not troll their team, armor bug abuse, wool bug abuse.

2- Same as 3. of ACV1.

These errors can be solved really quickly. We are losing players because they say: I got banned for no reason.

Thanks for reading this.


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