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Refund of [Premium+] assets

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FTB Direwolf20 Premium+ Rank
  • Premium+ name color and prefix: [Premium+] yourname
  • Adds 160 claim blocks.:!:
  • Access to all VIP and Premium Memberships perks.
  • Creative Mode access /gm 1 (On 1.7.10 only)
  • Can get items not listed on creative mode with /item (On 1.7.10 only)
  • Can create custom fireworks ussing /firework (On 1.7.10 only)
  • Can create up to 10 market listings. (default is 5) (On 1.7.10 only)
  • Can set up to 8 homes /sethome (On 1.10.2 only)
  • 4 Legendary Crate Keys.
  • 8 Vote Crate Keys.
  • $10000 in-game money.:!:

After the recent wipe i lost all the money and claim blocks i own and i would like put in a request to get them back.


Thanks, Malkoi

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Usually Brunyman checks forum every day, but if your refund request will not get responce for a long time, you should NOT worry, Brunyman is busy man, and managing multiple servers. Just wait a bit more, or BUMP this post after 48 hours, or so. Trust me, Brunyman solve every issue, every time.

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