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[1] In-Game Username:


[2] Details of Situation:


my account was not being used and when I want to be banned

[3] Ban Category:

Dupped Items    Poorly Written (Dupled Items )

[4] Ban Duration:

3 days  

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason: 


I want to know why they banned me saying 
that I had "Dupled Articles" as my prohibition says, 
if I had nothing illegal, I did not play from 
my previous ban with my account since I had loaned 
one with rank and did not have permissions in my ps land



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Hi, I see your home and you had 10 diamond pickaxe with the same durability I don't know if when you are breaking blocks you stop on the same durability... for my lack lucky i lost that video so you get the unban, have a great day, See you soon!  (But take care with those things, i know that one sponsor duplicate a lot of items for you...)

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