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[Suggestion][SERVER][Crash Landing] Crash Landing - hardcore survival server

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This is part 2/2 of my suggestions again part due lack of hardcore modpack servers and part due the fact that the tekkit server appears that will forever be stuck on the galacticraft era (dunno why i'm complaining that much given that i can hardly play tekkit legends and that's just a 1.7 version of tekkit classic), now that i again took my selfish reasons out of the way, i'll explain my ideas.

Crash Landing as far as i know is the ultimate hardcore modpack of the 1.6.4 era and for that reason i find it fitting for a server, despite being almost completely focused on technology progression, it puts way more emphasis on survival, the thing is... how to make a hardcore survival open world multiplayer out of a hardcore survival single player while keeping the players from destroying the challenging nature of the modpack? Sadly that's the part that is what i can't find a solution for, i'd say separate the players on an excluded area with a pre-determined amount of chunks, big enough that they could die for being overrun by mobs on the first days until they make an stable enviroment to survive but not large enough that they can find cities and have the rest of the map on a separated world where it gets cloudy (rainy) oftenly so the mobs that appear on the night time remain on the day time and the players get warped to that world randomly to prevent them from teaming easily, the overworld would get wiped once per week to give everyone an equal chance to loot or raid cities, the same that i said on the suggestion of agrarian skies applies here, if players die without a back-up body available that players place is wiped and has to start all over again, sadly this modpack lacks goals given that it is fairly easy to finish it in a short amount of time, the experience probably could be enhanced with plug-ins but they can do so much, there could also be PvP and leaderboards because why "Not fun allowed" not?... although... well... players roaming around on the overworld on a survival multiplayer could be quite PvP by itself.

This all that i can think of, again this is just nothing but a suggestion, if you had time to read this then i thank you for that.

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Pros and cons of this suggestion:

1) New modpack for comunity.
Basicaly that`s it... no more pros

1) Brunyman will not just change modpack on existing server, he does not simply stop servers wich players still play on. Only way to add new modpack, is by renting NEW server. Wich cost more money, obviously.
2) Hardcore modpack is funny and all... But... Can you imagine amount of frustration regular players get if they die due to server lag, PvP griefing, or just accident? This can repel players from playing this modpack, wich leads to server inhabitation, wich leads to unprofitability.
3) Human is inventive being, he WILL find a way to abuse economy system of server, wich will ruin hardcore nature of this modpack. See how FTB Infinity going.
4) This modpack will be HELL to manage by admins, and other staff members. You need new set of rules, specificaly for this modpack. Wich leads to more rule loopholes abusing. More arguing about "He killed me! And now i lost my base! I want rollback" and so on... And what about Sponsors and Prem+? They have ability to spawn stuff.
5) 1.6.4 is old version of minecraft, and most of community got NO interest to play on old version. Just because it`s old... Even if it`s better then new one...

Overall, I like idea of "more modpacks for community", but specifically this modpack will cause more headache then joy.

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I honestly don’t know how a modpack like crash landing would work on a server concept, with the city and all- to make it like the singleplayer experience we would have to allocate thousands of blocks for each player/party- and would probably require some modpack reworking, which we can’t do.

Not to mention that Crash landing is an old modpack and not that popular. And how would we deal with the hardcore part? Permban them? Tempban 12 hours? - honestly either option will just get more players from ragequitting the server.


I do like the idea of hardcore server, and crashlanding is one of my favorite modpacks of all time- however I don’t think we have what it takes to make it into a multiplayer experience. Not to mention the current plan is to create and release SF3 and infinity beyond(in that order).


I wouldn’t mind a Forever stranded server, as it inherits the gameplay of Crashlanding but is on a mor managable version with much more freedom for customization. But it’s really the same problems there as with Crash landing.

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These hardcore packs are nearly impossible to maintain on a multiplayer server experience, due to the fact that they are prebuilt maps designed for five or fewer people, and no more than ten, total. They are practically a survival adventure map with a story, and there is no way to maintain the same experience for all players who log in. It comes with more problems than it solves. As said before, it's not a very popular map, perm bans you when you lose all your lives, and would require extra server space that would take the ones already in the plans. 

When you see youtubers playing those packs with their friends, they take precautions not quite possible with the number of players we've got. It might technically be possible on a whitelisted server, but what are you going to do when the people finish playing, not every body will be at the same point. We are willing to look at other suggestions you may have, but hardcore, although fun, is unsustainable in the long run.

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