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Saving mirror Dimension

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Moved to infinity tech support


I'm not that into thaumcraft to know enough about the mirror Dimension. Is it a personal dimension? - As for dimensions in general- every dimension gets reset montly. Except RFTools worlds- they are saved if you pay for a RFTools save in the buycraft shop - otherwise they reset every maintenance. twice a week - 


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I believe Mirror dimension is one from Witchery mod.

This is basicaly 16x16x16 box where you fight with "mirror" boss. Only conviniency is, you can enter and exit freely via mirror. (Work similar to Portal gun's)

Probably TS want to store machinery there so not to lag own base, but have access to machines at any moment. Similar effect you can get by making AE2 Spatial dimension.

1) No one exept you can enter this "room" (If you hide mirror, ofcourse)
2) Cheap to make
3) You can move Mirror to another location, room still will be available.

1) Small, unexpandable size of "room"
2) Does not reduce server lag.


Recomendation to @danhensh1
If you want lagless world to build your machines, you should use Last Millenium dimension. I believe this dimension does not get wiped (Not sure, but Brunyman agree now to wipe it at WD20 server)

Also, you can claim up to 3 towns, so you can vote for money, and just build proxy base elsewhere, and place all your machines there.

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