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Halloween Drawings

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Hello everyone!!

I would like to share, some drawings created by me, in my block of drawings, if they like it and give their opinion about them.


Chucky - Drawings / Finished drawing (25/10/2017)



Kitana Wolf<3 - Drawings / Finished drawing (25/10/2017)



Minions - Drawing / Finished drawing (27/10/2017)



My niece VS Chucky - Drawing (18/10/2017)

This last Drawing, I would like to leave you a VS of my drawings and I would like you to choose which of the two (A - B) leave your answer in the comments.



Well that has been everything, I hope you like it, I will leave my album with some other drawings that I have, I will be uploading more drawings as long as I finish them.


If you like, you could help me with a beautiful like to support me and motivate me to make more drawings like these. :D

Thanks for your time, regards!! AlbertG


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