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Hello, I do this post to see some way to make an account change with all my progress and premium range to my premium account, my Ing on the server is: Dguerrex, and I want to change it to 3c6 my current name, but on 3 April I will change the nickname to Dg6, is there any solution to not lose anything in the modes assasing creed and pure survival?

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Hi, can someone help me with this:
I used to play "Assassin's Creed" mode on the server with my non-premium account, later I switched to a premium account, to do so a friend helped me; I gave him all my things, and then entered with my premium account (so far everything normal). Now I am back, and when I enter the server with the premium account, it puts me in the non-premium account that I had before. And not be like switching to the premium account.
PS: I have been told that it is bad to put the same name of the premium account in the new premium account, and I did it (for what it's worth).

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