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Some screenshots from the direwolf20 1.4.7

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So i found a few screenshots from the old days when CL had a dw20 1.4.7 server back in 2013 and thought i'd share them with you all ^_^

Long story short, someone created a hacked client that could get you into creative mode, and used CL server as an example and left the ip in the description, and it ended up by people joining and destroying the server, even some of the regular players used the cheat. This are the screenshots of:

About 7-8 Naga's spawned in my town which had like 7-8 players living in it (had a forcefield around it to protect it, but someone who lived in the town accepted a teleport request from a random person who was using the cheat and the forcefield ended up keeping the naga's in the town, and not letting them out.



The aftermath after we killed the Naga's



And the person that spawned the Naga's (Thunderguy10)



It was a very sad day, because the server closed a day later (and the cheat started spreading to other 1.4.7 modpacks.

I just found this very nostalgic and thought i'd share it with all of you ^_^


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Oh, trust me, it was very frustrating, not because of the stuff that got griefed, we would have gotten it back in a week or two, but the fact that it destroyed a great community

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