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[Guide] Creating Lifts

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There is a new plugin on the server, this plugin is the lift plugin and allowed a player to create a lift using iron blocks, buttons and signs. This guide will go through the process of creating a lift.

Many thanks to Supaspork who showed me plugin and how it worked :D

First you will need to decide what your lowest level is going to be, this will be where the iron block goes.

Once you have placed your iron block in the ground make a pillar going upwards, this will be the "shaft" which the lift uses.


Note: This only needs to be 1 block wide.

Once you have your shaft, place a button (stone or wooden) onto one of the blocks (preferably at eye level), then place a sign above the button.

For the lift to activate you will need to make a second floor. To do this increase the size of the shaft to the point where you want your floor. Add 3 blocks to the shaft (which will be 3 blocks above the floor level), here you should add another button and a sign on the top 2 blocks (button at eye level and sign above).


Now you will be able to left/right click on the signs to create the lift. If you press the button the glass block will appear.


Note: The glass block is the platform block for all floors excluding the ground floor which is the iron block.

By repeating this process you can make as many floors as you wish, you can right click on the sign to change your destination (change floors) and going from floor to floor by pressing the button.


Edit by Supaspork:
To Add Names to Floors, Put another Sign Underneath the button, and put the name of the level on the SECOND line of the sign


Have fun and create epic bases with the new plugin :D

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