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Items Disappearing

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Below is my old post, its no longer what this is about:

Hi, I'm sort of here to talk about a bug, and also to request my items back. I recently joined the Direwolf20 1.7.10 server, and I started a vote party. I got void tools from the crate, but later, I right clicked my void axe, and it was gone. The same happened to my pickaxe :(. Also, a bit before that, I have taken a book out of an item frame and it dropped to the ground, but it didn't let me pick it up. I went to my home, then I came back and it was gone. It would be awesome if I could get my void sword + axe back, and it would be great if this was fixed.


Hello, my old post talks about my stuff disappearing, but I just found out that it has come back. It keeps happening where I will lose items, but they will come back a bit later, and its annoying to play with this. It would be greate if this could be fixed.

EDIT: I have more info, it seems like it is switching stuff around my inventory, so I have my pick in my hand, but then it puts another block in the pick's spot, overriding the pick.

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This sounds like the auto-fill feature from the NEI mod. If you click on the 3 dots in the right upper corner of your inventory you should see an auto-refill option, check if that is disabled. If not, disable that first and let us know if that fixed it. :)This also sometimes occurs when holding restricted items in area's like spawn, so watch out for that. (If you're holding a restricted item in spawn it should give a message and swap it out for something else, which can give visual bugs.)

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