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Network Assassins Craft 1.12.2 Updates! - Part 12

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Time for another AssassinS 1.12.2 update!

We did some updates, fixes and added some guns and some other assassins features like hidden blade and grappling hook.


More below:

  • Updated essentials mysql extension.
  • Update player data mysql bridge.
  • Implemented Grappling Hook plugin.
  • Added a new Gear Trader that sells the Grappling Hook.
  • Reduced fall damage by 1.5
  • Reduced fall damage while rolling by 3
  • Improved soft landing block detection when you fall on the edge of the block of hay or leaves.
  • Updated to latest spigot 1.12.2 build.
  • Updated the anti cheat to latest version.
  • Updated the resource pack and added weapons textures.
  • Added Weapons Trader at spawn.
  • Added the following weapons: Poison Darts, Trip Mine, Smoke Bomb, Hidden Gun, Flintlock Piston, Musket, Rifle.
  • Fixed getting fame when you kill yourself with arrows.
  • Implemented clan members and allies protection for guns damage.
  • Implemented hidden blade code.
  • Added hidden blade for sale at the gear trader at spawn.
  • Updated essentials plugin.


More coming soon, stay tuned!


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12 minutes ago, lightminer8 said:

Um idk what AssassinS is can someone tell me how to get it because it sounds cool


It's a server on the vanilla network that uses custom plugins to give you an Assassin's Creed sort of feel. Connect to the hub using 1.8.9 and log onto AC v1. Soon this will be replaced with AC v2 running on MC 1.12.2, which is what brunyman's post is about. 

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