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Crafter's Land Newsletter | July 2018


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Looks like we're still going strong with these newsletters and henceforth, the third newsletter of CraftersLand is finally here! Before we begin, i'd like to appologize for the extreme delays for this newsletter. I had been shifting houses in these few days and so, there was absolutely no chance for me to post this on 1st or 2nd of August. I had prepared a draft earlier containing almost 50% of the content and that also went missing from my laptop ?. This month's newsletter is going to be a bit short since I had some massive plans in mind but I wanted to take a bit of a rest with last month's stuff done so hopefully they will be implemented in August! If you would like to see any improvements done to the newsletter, be sure to reply down below your ideas. Well anyway, let's get started!



Now that everyone has been regularly seeing the TopVoter rank in-game, it was no surprise that July's competition would be far greater than the month of June. On 2 servers, 2 people actually voted constantly for the whole 30 days out of 31 days after doing some calculation, that's insane. Some winners also got to keep their TopVoter ranks again! I should clarify something, if you get TopVoter rank 2 times in a row, you will still get the cash and vote key reward for 2nd month aswell! I said this in the last newsletter and I feel the need to say it again, consistency matters, even if you miss out the first 1-3 days of voting, you can still win the rank if you do well in the rest of the days. With that said, congratulation to:

Direwolf20 1.12: Th3GermanJ0ker
Network: iiTzArismaltor_
Infinity: kaszanka_1234
Skyfactory 3: xRegency
Revelation: phoejames
Direwolf20 1.7: Hulas
Skyfactory 2.5: llaya
Tekkit: Fungi375

Enjoy your new rank in-game! (Will be applied shortly after I make this post!)



During the first week of the month, brunyman had been working hard -using whatever free time he could muster up- and update some of the long-awaited things on both the Modded and Network servers. It looks like not a lot has happened but trust me, the work needed to reconfigure everything once it's updated is another whole story. I'll split up the fixes on both Modded and Network servers so hopefully it is easier for you guys to follow.

Cleaned up all junk files from the servers for performance optimizations. PvP stats got the monthly reset.
Updated MiniaturePets on lobby, you can now name and ride your fancy pets.
Updated network buycraft packages, description and some other settings.
Updated bungeecord proxy servers to latest version.
Updated all 1.12.2 servers to latest spigot versions.
Removed chunks outside borders on all servers.
Updated buycraft plugin on all network servers.
Updated lobby resource pack for July.
Vote stats reset complete.
Updated lobby music.


Dedicated servers Maintenance Full data backup complete for all 4 machines.
Dimensions reset on some servers as plan of monthly maintenance.
Old backups removed to free up storage space for new backups.
Reloaded the firewall settings. Optimized database.
File cleanup for performance optimization.
Installed latest OS updates for security.
Updated buycraft on all servers.
Vote stats reset.




After the massive update from the previous month. The FTB staff have been refining and ever so slightly updating mods to address many issues people had with this new update. It seems that 2 new mods were added and almost 45 of them were updated. I wonder how long that took, they probably have a mechanism setup to automate the mod updates but I could be wrong ?. Anyways, Our rev server was fully updated to 2.2.0 and if there are any bugs on the server, be sure to report them HERE. If anyone of you is interesting in reading the entire changelog, be sure to check our brunyman's post about it. Read more HERE


Mods added: Woot, Initial Inventory 
Server IP: rev.craftersland.net




Over here I thought that updating 45 mods was a lot but no, in this update, they updated 75 mods and even added 8 new mods. Quoting from the FTB staff team, they refer to this update as the "Oh no I broke everything in the previous update time to fix it all again"  updateFrom the patch notes, it seems like they added in new mods aswell such as Thaumcraft etc aswell. I've always been a bit reluctant from thaumcraft as a lot of magic mods sometimes come with a lot of issues. If you see any issue on the server, please report it HERE

Anyhow, we added in our patches from server-side again and we keep planning to make it better overtime, making the TPS better isn't simply a 1-day issue sadly but we hope that our efforts throughout the month will improve the server greatly at the end. If you are interested in reading the entire topic then Read more HERE


Some of the server side changes:
Updated modpack to 2.1.0
Updated mod configs on updated mods.
Re-applied patches to updated mods.

Mods Added: Blood Magic, Ender IO, Ender Core, Guide API, PneumaticCraft Repressurized, Thaumcraft, Thaumic JEI and Thermal Innovation 

Server IP: dw.craftersland.net




After so many pre-releases videos from Xisuma, I had imagined that this update would be released around August by the looks of things. Delays after delays, I just couldn't wait for this update to come and even when it did. We had to wait for Spigot to make it's move and release a 1.13 build. Luckily @brunyman was on the scene to help things out a lot. By editing the source code of the pre-release build from spigot, updating our server plugins to 1.13 and editing packet transfers between server and client on the server-side simultaneously, he managed to allow people to join on our servers using 1.13 client aswell! As of right now, you can join using 1.8.9 to 1.13.0 minecraft versions. If you would like to read the update post from brunyman then Read more HERE

Note: The servers right now are 1.13 compatible, they will be fully updated to 1.13 in due time!

If you want to checkout the full changes done in Minecraft 1.13, then feel free to check this video out!


Cracked Server IP: mc.craftersland.net
Premium USA Server IP: play.craftersland.us
Premium EU Server IP: play.craftersland.eu 



After a staggering 8 months of lifetime for the current map. It started to show its signs of age by the lack of free land available. There was an overwhelming number of YES's on the wipe poll so we decided to take the wipe one step further by increasing the world border and enabling biomes o' plenty terrain generation for this round. From what I heard, the mushroom island is still haunting this map aswell haha but nonetheless, the map's radius is even bigger now and it should provide an array of biomes for you to choose to make your base upon. Anyways, best of luck with this modpack as playing it on expert mode is no joke! If you want to checkout the full topic, with a link to the world download of previous map then Read more HERE.



Increased overworld map border from 5000 radius to 5500.
Enabled BiomesOPlenty terrain generation.
Monthly maintenance completed.
Generated new map seeds.
Updated essentials plugin.
Data full WIPE.

Server IP: inf.craftersland.net



Thanks to @NatureGecko for creating an awesome base which mixes in the themes of modern and industrial to provide the best of both world, and the fact that it's so close to spawn makes it even easier for everyone to check it out aswell. It comes with several different floors with each one having a specific goal in mind. If anyone of you play on the direwolf server, then i'd highly recommend checking out his base. I remember I first saw this base months ago as a very small project and I'm really glad that it turned out to look big and great at the end. Kudos to you! If anyone of you want to check his base out with a lot of pictures included then be sure to check this topic out! Read more HERE!

I'll add a little screenshot here of his base saying Welcome in Thai language


(Any future creations will be showcased on this section of the newsletter in the future! Be sure to make great builds!) 



  • New mod upcomming from @Lancelot and @llaya [LayaElisabeth] for our servers to have a GUI to configure which sounds to mute! (It's especially going to be helpful to avoid those deadly enderdragon death noises coming from dragon farms at people's bases!)
  • Acv2 minor bugfixes and launch
  • Network fully 1.13 update
  • New modded server
  • New vanilla gamemode
  • Community-wide event
  • Maybe try to link discord and minecraft server-chat on some servers
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20 hours ago, Twynics said:

Any word on the CTW spawn?

There are some issues with adding a new spawn only because of the join game signs. From what I've heard, it's a tedious process to set it up again and it would be much better to rework network entirely first than to implement the new maps 


11 hours ago, Adrii said:

It would be really awesome if all of this happens the next month!

That is the ideal aim but usually destiny likes to take curves, we will try our best to get them out as soon as possible though :).


5 hours ago, ZengZ said:

It would be great to have a new gamemode in Network. People start to get bored with the same old gamemodes :D

I'm open to suggestions on what new game mode the players would like to play on the server

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