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Enchanted Spikes & Ender Quarry

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First of theres an issue with the Spikes from "Extra Utilities" where the enchantment on the spike doesn't work. I've tried this with iron, gold and diamond spikes but the effects don't seem to be working.


For example: I've had a stabilized blaze spawner running with iron spikes enchanted with Looting 3.(Not the sword only version) After 5-6hours there haven't dropped any blaze rods tho and only some sulfur. (I enchanted the spikes with a vanilla anvil like I used to on normal and I think that should work.) Other example, I have a wither skeleton farm with diamond spikes enchanted with reaper5, after 5-6hours and more than 1k mobs no souls have been dropped. I usually get a soul farming myself after 200 mobs'ish.


Secondly the Ender Quarry isn't able to be placed in claimed land only if the "modify" perm has been set to true, but then it isn't protected either. When I try setting the "enter" perm to false the "modify" perm bypasses it and people are still able to enter.


If theres any other info needed

-IGN name: ItsKev1n (Premium rank)

-Discord: Kaiyiwei#8733


Thanks 😄

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Hello there you will need to use plots for the chunk the quarry is in and with that chunks perm set modify to true and enter to false. And for your towns perm enter to false as well. As with modify on anyone can come in there and steal something in anything with modify on so you'll not want people to get in that chunk or really near it. 

If you want people to still get in your city but not that chunk I'd suggest making a wall of plots around the quarry chunk with perm enter to false.


P.S repost from ManYouForgot


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